Ferrari F340

Car enthusiasts, and especially those with a passion for Ferrari are sure to be fascinated by the Ferrari F340 – a one of a kind project that was revealed back in 2011.

Created by coach-builder Gullwing America, the Ferrari F340 Competizione was designed as a tribute to the original Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlineta, which saw its debut in 1952. There were only ever three of these racing classics produced, and this new, modern version does not only aim to restore this iconic vehicle, but is actually custom designed as a limited edition, having used pieces that are the closest possible to those used to make the original model.

There are some subtle differences between the original Ferrari 340 Mexico and the F340 Competizione. For a start, the 2011 model has a length that is 15 inches more than the 340 Mexico and the reason for this is because Gullwing America actually used a different Ferrari as its design platform – the 456. Mark Nungent was responsible for hand-wkring the aluminum frame and, although the final result is very similar in appearance to the 3 Berlinetas that were created specially for the Carerra Panamericana Race in 1953, the Australian designer of the Competizione added a few of his own contemporary touches, including front splitters, a diffuser, side vents and a rear spoiler. Not content with bringing a couple of changes to the exterior, Nungent also gave a few tweaks to the car’s interior, by including a roll bar, carbon fiber seats and chronometers.The Ferrari F340

Not only does the Gullwing America Ferrari F340 Competizione look great, it also has racing car high performance which is worth the Ferrari F340 price. While the original 340 Mexico had a 4.1L Lampredi V12 enginer that produced around 280bhp, the customized 2011 Ferrari F340 Spider has been equipped with a 5.4L V12 enginer that produced 470hp and has 6 speed manual transmission. Thanks to its bespoke exhaust system, free-flow air filters and racing-specific components like the suspension and competition grade brakes, this stylish car can achieve impressive power for the modern era.